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Queening Facesitting!

"Queening to most people means facesitting and ass worship, but it's actually much more. Women into the femdom lifestyle are naturally dominant and employ MANY delicious sexual punishments and humiliations. That being said, I have to admit I personally favor facesitting a man into submission, especially in my dirty underwear! Sitting in his face and hearing him gasp for breath as I grind my pussy back and forth then seeing him turn beet red just gets me WET! So what if I haven't changed my panties in 2 days? All the better to make the dirty pig SUFFER for his sins, RIGHT?!"


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Hardcore Muscle Domination!

"Being into sports and fitness, I'm in pretty good shape, so taking some bossy male into the ring or bedroom and kicking the living shit out of him is no big deal! Many of my girlfriends are female body builders and I often invite them over to help me "straighten" out some of my male clients. I've even had some of their wives call me and hire a punishment session for their rich and powerful husbands. Of course they come and watch the fun, hehe..Having a "Queening Fetish" means dominant women on top, and when I get done twisting them into a pretzel or tying their little cocks in a knot, they bloody well KNOW IT!"
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Muscle Dominatrix

"I'm Goddess Heather and I promise you the HARDEST and MOST EXTREME muscle domination experience on the net today!


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Queening Fucked Strapon Sissy!

"Some months ago I caught my husband cheating on me with a younger woman. Did I divorce him? HELL NO! I took another approach to the "problem". I feminized him into a sissy and fuck him with a strapon on a regular basis! That's right! If he wants to cheat, let HIM be the pretty little slut and ME the man! That will teach him! Take it from me, ladies, if you catch him cheating, punish him by forcing him to cross dress and take a big rubber cock up his dirty ass!"
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"Many a married man needs to be put over his wife's knee and spanked good and hard! I come from a strict old-school type family, and when boys are naughty, down come their trousers for some bare bottom punishment! And since ALL men are really boys, spanking your husband when he gets bossy or demanding is the proper thing to do! He might cry and plead as you take his britches down, but it's something that ALL dominant women have to do if they want to keep their males in line and let them know who REALLY wears the pants in the relationship. Some call it a Queening fetish, but I call it good husband DISCIPLINE!"
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"I love making my wimp husband Dennis watch as I get fucked in the ass by my new lover, Jim. I want him to see his wife getting fucked by another man who KNOWS how to make a woman cum and satisfy her in ways her little dick husband NEVER could! And the best thing? When we're done I make Dennis lick my asshole clean! My lover Jim thinks I go too far and one day Dennis might snap, but I'm not scared, I've got that submissive little wussy under my thumb and he's going to STAY there! Trust me, ladies, cuckolding your husband might be thought shameful by some, but to me it's AWESOME! I have the BEST orgasms when I know my husband is WATCHING!"
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